1) New England Patriots #askapat compaign where twitter fans of the team post questions for the the chosen team member to answer that week. Great use of interaction!
2) Manchester United fans were encouraged when they attended games to tag themselves in a 360-degree panorama view of the field and spot avators of players. Audience involvement here is key.
3) Lousiville Cardinal after winning the world series hosted a Scavenger hunt that promoted not only the team, organization and sponsor but also highlighted their city as well, sparking a great loyalty among fans.
4) Pheonix Suns “Show Us Your Game Face” promotion. Enough said.
5) The New Jersey Devils hockey team used the up-and-coming social site Doodle.ly to get fans to participate in the search for a new rally towel design in the Stanley Cup Game.
6) FC Barcelona uses an app “FCB Alert App” on Facebook which allows users from all over the world to recieve a unique experience that is tailored to their demographic or geographical identity.
7) Another way to get fans involved in a game, during a game, is shown by the Tampa Bay’s Thunder “Be the Thunder” campaign which allowed fans to tweet head-to-head against the fans The Lightning’s on ice opponent instantly making fans more involved in the game.
8) Seattle Sounders app “Are you Sounders Ready?” facebook app allows users to engage on a higher level with the club’s timeline and offers various ways to watch the game.
9) Boston Bruins’ launched “DEN” (Digital Entertainment Network) which integrats all of their social media outlets into one network and reaches countless fans during the season.
10) Golden State Warriors gives back to their fans with their social media Home Court Advantage sweeps, allowing fans the opportunity to send in content and check-in for a chance to win a chance to play Nate Robinson in the Warrior’s practice facility.


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First of all, the Pacers had a chance. I mean they made it to game 7 against the previous NBA champs–the Miama Heat. Last year the Pacers lost to the heat in the semi-finals, exactly like this year but only in 6 games. This year the Pacers traded off wins with the heat until they made it to game 7. Throughout the series, when Miami won, they won by at least 15; but when the Pacers were able to pull ahead, they only defeated the Heat by a small margin. But they were still able to do it. The last game proved to repeat itself as the series drew to a close, the Pacers were unable to beat the Heat, even though they had the lead in the first two quarters. By half time though, the game looked dounting, and it just went downhill from there. The final score – 76-99. Devastating loss, but if you look at it from the series in total, the Pacers only barely had it. But man did they put their heart into those games only to come up with a near miss…again. Same as last year, except for this time, they had it to game seven. Maybe next year they’ll make it beyond game 7 and to the finals.

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Seattle Weather

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People always complain about the weather in Seattle. “It’s always raining” “It’s so overcast” “11 months of the year it’s like this” BLAHHH. Seattle is a beautiful city, and being come California that is saying a lot. Yes, I am used to sunshine and warmth 360 days of the year, but Seattle really is not all that bad. Yes, it is overcast. Yes, it rains. But when it gets nice like it is now, it is so easy to forget all the rain, all the cloud and focus on the sun, and summer. Summer is coming….YAY!


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Is it possible to use this as an excuse when you’re a junior? When you don’t want to do anything? When you have one week left and that is a perfect amount of time to put your 10 page paper off? Add a presentation? And another paper? 

The answer is no. But yet that is exactly what I will do, I know this. It’s how students work. We function on the ‘last minute’ rush feel of adrenaline to get everything done….with no sleep for 72 hours, 16 cups of coffee and copious amounts of sugary food in our system.

This is finals week. Better be prepared for it.   

Softball and Oklahoma


The caption to this photo says it all. Softball overtook Missouri this past weekend in winning the series with a two game shut out, scoring only 3 runs total. The University of Washington’s Softball team is now headed to Oklahoma. Well it was only a week before this that the tornado hit the south east suburbs of Oklahoma City, and when the softball team arrived they were completely unprepared for what they were to encounter. Mercedes Wetmore, a pinch runner for the team, says “It was the most helpless I have ever felt.” The team wanted to do something, to help, to do what ever they could for those effected by this disaster.

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Act Like You Know

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Graduation is in a few weeks….act like you are ready. Final are coming up…act like you studied. School is almost over….act like you prepared. 

With all of these upcoming events, stress levels will be high and attendance in the library will be tremendous. But what have we learned this quarter? Spring quarter always flys by, but I think this time it went a great deal faster. It’s like we were in a race car, with the gas pedal pressed down and no way of stopping– at least that’s how it feels. As if, this week, this particular day, we are going 90mph and missed everything in the speed limit zone. Yet, we have one more week, one more last week to learn how to slow down, to look back and….act like you know. 


At a Timbers game this past week, the Portland fans extended a hand to those in the gay community. A very heart-warming gesture that should make it clear that those in the sporting world are not opposed to gays, and respect gays’ rights just as much as any other person. Which is how we should all be! Gays are not scary, nor do they deserve to be treated unjustly as couples. Marriage is about two people being in love, so why can’t we get over it and give them the rights that everyone as a person has, the right to be loved.

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As long of a trip that it was, it was still a great trip. It was a trip full of plenty first experiences, including but sure as hell not limited to–power naps, 5am mornings, Mcdonald’s breakfast, and 14 hour days with sore feet, behind, legs and arms. Needless to say I learned a lot in the field of recruiting and the field of camers and photography. I learned that when one is taking a jumper to pan up as they jump, and then fade away. I learned that if a girl is left handed that it is better to be on the right side of the court because girls are not like boys (WHO KNEW?) and when they go up for a lay-up they do not open their body like men do. Girls, have a different form, they are more closed, so being on the right side of the court you have placed yourself in a better position to get a face, ball and hands within the frame.
This being my first time doing anything like this, yes I have some experience, but not directly in this field or with the specific cameras, I had somewhat of a give in the performance required. It was practice, and it was good practice. For when it comes time for the real important thing, This was a decent recruiting event for the girls were of the ages 14 and 16 and were from the midwest region, a majoritiy from Michigan. Next big trip: Cancun for the USA FIBA tournament. Which means…BIG TIME. The company will only see many of these itnernational girls only once this year, Cancun being this one time, so more pressure and expectations will be in place. Less sleep, more work, more dedication, more experience and more drive. It’s worth it, but it will be a hell of a trip.

Check out the recap from this past week’s trip at: http://prospectsnation.com/node/14859

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