Beyonce’s Pepsi Commercial

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Why this video is great advertising:
1) Great way to market both the soda company and Beyonce’s music
2) Appeals to all generations
3) Is short enough to watch repeatedly
4) It showcases a new look for Pepsi


Beyoncé celebrated #ThrowbackThursday in a big way today! After teasing the world yesterday by releasing a 6-second video clip to preview a new project, the singer shared her first commercial for Pepsi this morning. Titled “Mirrors,” the one-minute clip shows Bey (in AllSaints’ Kyoto tee, which you can snag here for $68) surrounded by a circle of mirrors, at first struggling to pin down her new choreography. After taking a sip of an ice cold Pepsi, she’s given new life by looking in the mirror and seeing her reflection transformed into her “Bootylicious”-era self. Suddenly surrounded by images of her former selves, Bey gets inspired and starts busting out dance moves spanning her entire career (good to see you again, “Single Ladies” hand wave). “Embrace your past, but live for now,” the singer asserts before strutting across the stage. Amen, Bey! Watch the clip above, and check out a…

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